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Our wooden products

We create a lot of different objects in olive wood and we also sell olive oil and soap made with oil.
We suggest you to look the kitchen utensils as all the objects made properly for cooking use can be washed (not in washing machine) without problem and could be in contact with any kind of food.
In our shop you can find also bowls, spoons, tools, home accessories, toys, wooden frames and nice souvenir to remember Corfu island.
We are also very proud to show you our special wooden pens.
All our pens are handmade with unique colours.
We choose the pieces of olive wood with the best colours to realize our pens that are each one different from the others as in nature it's impossibile to find two pieces of wood with the same colour.
The mechanism we use is the best we are able to find.
We offer the best quality to the best price you can find in the market because we are a small company that produces a small number of handmade pens and we want our customer be pleased with our products.
The refills we use are standard Perker style or Cross style and you can find them in any stationer's shop of the world.
All our pens are given with a black velvet bag included in the price.

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